• 13 items, 46 licenses

  • gomymobiBSB 2023
  • Website & Store Builder with Domains

    ৳ 31K ৳ 2M

    Website & Store Builder with Domains, Element Builder, Paypal, Stripe, Authorize.net, iyzico (iyzipay), RTL, Chat, Ad System, Multi Domains, Resell Solutions, Multiple Currencies, Socials Login, reCAPTCHA, User Logs, Store without Site & Domains.

  • VipMag
  • Powerful News Script, VIP Blog Software & Magazine Platform with Subscription

    ৳ 4K ৳ 625K

    VipMag is a very powerful multi-purpose news, blog & magazine script. It allows you quickly setup a completed news site, blog or magazine portal with clean, responsive-mobile and user-friendly design, SEO optimized.

  • NameLiz
  • Brandable Business Name Generator

    ৳ 7K ৳ 875K

    NameLiz is a very cool PHP script to allow you quickly to setup a completed domain name generator with many powerful name functions & solutions. Your users may use this free tool to generator unlimited name ideas for their businesses.

  • DingPost
  • Social Auto Posting & Auto Marketing Solutions in One Platform

    ৳ 2K ৳ 375K

    DingPost is a downloadable script to host on your own host, both shared host or VPS/server to build a platform for online business in social industry. DingPost is an advanced automated platform that allows your customers to publish and present their business/company sites on multi social channels in one place.

  • ePubFan
  • Online ePub Maker, Composer & Manager

    ৳ 16K

    ePubFan is a web-based app that runs on your own host, it allows your visitors may create, edit, compose and manage ePub ebooks online. ePubFan helps visitors create ePub ebooks online then download to read on any modern devices: iPad, iPhone, Kindle, Paperwhite, Nook, Oasis, Kobo, Voyage, Boox, etc.

  • iHoldCoin
  • Cryptocurrency Portfolio, Manager & Tracker

    ৳ 16K

    iHoldCoin is a web-based your cryptocurrency portfolio that runs on your own host, it allows users to manage & track all crypto coins & tokens in one place.

  • inOneSec
  • Incredible Facts & Statistics in One Second

    ৳ 2K ৳ 375K

    Incredible Facts & Statistics in One Second Platform is a downloadable script to host on your own host to create a website for showing all incredible, suprising facts & statistics happening in one second.

  • Like2Reveal
  • Facebook Like to Reveal Content

    ৳ 1K ৳ 42K

    With Like2Reveal, you may easy add a floating content-blocker into any PHP-based web page, any Wordpress theme (or all themes), any Joomla template (or all templates), any other PHP-based platforms: phpBB, Drupal, SMF, Opencart, Magento, Zencart, vBulletin, Xenforo with just 1 include statement.

  • zConfirm
  • Elegant Modal JavaScript confirm()

    ৳ 625 ৳ 73K

    zConfirm is a jQuery script that gives you ability to make the JavaScript confirm() method become more beautiful, and it is designed to include necessary resources automatically; so it’s super easy to setup.

  • pTemplate
  • Better PHP Code-HTML Design Separately

    ৳ 1K ৳ 31K

    pTemplate is a PHP Class, designed & programmed by developer, for developer; to create native PHP applications, PHP website, big PHP projects better, nicer and easy to read by others in the team.

  • ANpopup
  • Awesome Newsletter Popup for Everyone, Every site

    ৳ 1K ৳ 31K

    ANpopup has many PROS if compared with others: it has a reOpen floating button at bottom-right when the popup is closed; this reOpen button absolutely is able to impress your visitors with many animations & effects, make them click it many times to show your popup.

  • ENpaginator
  • Elegant Navigate Paginator for Everyone, Every site

    ৳ 1K ৳ 10K

    With ENpaginator, you may easy create elegant, awesome pagination on any PHP sites. You may also control the output of pagination better with many built-in API functions.

  • AMSB
  • Awesome Mobile Site Builder (AMSB): Stand-alone version

    ৳ 2K ৳ 18K

    Host this awesome mobile site builder script yourself on live host to run business within 1 minute.