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After many years developed & supported, we believed that gomymobiBSB is a PHP script that has a great community with 100+ licenses of many types sold since first version released, many commercial licenses used to run owner's business till now. Even many owners are still ready to renew their licenses for latest updates & supports.
But after all, the price is big thing to anything. There are many small business man or startups could not afford & accept the prices of gomymobiBSB, and also because of many other personal reasons, today we decided to announce the Open Source project for this gomymobiBSB script.
But we still need a stable fund to release this script as Open Source because this script is our main earnings, also we'll need more developers (at least 2) to support more issues & release new site & store themes weekly, quarterly. But we'll never touch any fund until the goal reached. Our goal is at least $500,000 per year, crossed all funding platforms.
Finally, please consider to support us by donating your free fund & sharing these funding campaigns below on your socials. Thank & Love you so much!
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