gomymobiBSB 2022: Website & Store Builder with Domains – Element Builder, Paypal, Stripe,, iyzico (iyzipay), RTL, Chat, Ad System, Multi Domains, Resell Solutions, Multiple Currencies, Socials Login, reCAPTCHA, User Logs, Store without Site & Domains

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Current version: 3.3.0 (May 17th 2022). See full changelog.

gomymobiBSB – Online Business Site & Store Builder is a downloadable script to host on your own host, both shared host or VPS/server to build a platform for online business websites & online stores. gomymobi's Business Site Builder is an advanced automated platform that allows your customers to create and present their business/company sites, online ecommerce stores to sell their products.

  • Best of best scripts to build websites & online stores
  • Create UNLIMITED business sites + pages for each site
  • Open UNLIMITED stores for their business websites
  • Plugin Resell Solutions provides Resell Business & Paid plans to your end users
  • Register & Transfer domains directly on platform
  • Element Builder to create sites from zero
  • Host all business websites & online shops as Subdomains / Custom domains
  • Sell Physical, Digital & Subscriptions
  • Sell virtual & downloadable goods
  • Allow clients to point their custom domains to created owning stores & sites
  • Downloadable for Every site / Upload via FTP to your client host
  • Paypal / Stripe / / iyzico (iyzipay) Subscriptions System for Clients
  • Paypal / Stripe / / iyzico (iyzipay) Auto Processor for Store's Buyers
  • Drag-n-drop, User Friendly Builder & WYSIWYG HTML Editor
  • User Registration & Management to run your own business
  • Clients sell their Creative Themes
  • Payment History for all customers
  • Payments for Theme Licenses
  • Responsive Design, based on Boostrap 3
  • Built-in Site Traffic Tracker
  • Multilingual is super easy & quick to convert
  • Responsive Mobile Friendly Themes
  • Easy-to-use Built-in Media Browser
  • Thumbnail Web Screenshot Capturer
  • Business Hosting Plans
  • Downloadable QR Code for each site
  • Beautiful frontpage with pricing table
  • Fully High flexible customizations for everything you could imagine
  • Tweaked for sharing on social sites
  • Best speed & performance in same server configs
  • Multiple domains for user subdomains
  • RTL Supported Perfectly
  • Google reCAPTCHA for Securing
  • Chat Plugins to Support
  • Elegant Code Editor
  • Wildcard SSL supported in backend
  • Multiple parameters for payment
  • Addons & Plugins supported to empower the platform
  • PHPMailer + Change email templates

Demo with UNLIMITED Features Front-end | Admin Access
Build Your Business Site & Online Store for FREE (100+ themes)

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We're so confident that you’ll be satisfied with this business site & store builder but for many subtle reasons & scammers, we could not issue a refund because this is big cost & this script needs a lot of time to support and customize as you want, that we're giving you a Risk Free full 30 days to check it out, therefore please try our FREE trial gomymobiBSB for UNLIMITED features & check F.A.Q first to see if it fits your needs. if then for any reason you’re not satisfied just email back and we’ll refund every penny, Guaranteed!

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Help your end clients create business sites and present their online stores within 5 minutes. gomymobiBSB is a full completed PHP script without encryption or encoded.


  • Custom Domains & Subdomain system (require VPS / dedicated server)
  • Apache 2.2+ with mod_rewrite
  • PHP 5.4.3+ with ZipArchive
  • MySQL 5.5+
  • Your host MUST support TLS 1.2 and HTTP/1.1 to connect to Paypal. Read here and more
  • Paypal PDT Token to receive & validate user’s payment

Script features

  • Drag-n-drop HTML builder to create a completed business site within 5 minutes.
  • Membership & payment system: once paid the invoice, your clients use the platform to create UNLIMITED sites & pages.
  • Create and manage unlimited site hosting plans with the administrative permission.
  • Responsive friendly platform & builder, clients can use on any device, any platform, just with a browser.
  • No coding or design skills, all site themes & pages come with WYSIWYG editor.
  • 5 colorful pre-made themes to use as you wish.
  • Plan & Stores Subscription System & Payment Management: clients use the platform to track their invoices, to sell their theme licenses to receive money from other users.
  • Custom Domains & Subdomain System: if you run the platform on a VPS or dedicated server, this feature allows clients to publish each site with an unique subdomain name & point their domains to created owning sites
  • Downloadable QR Code: after each site published, clients may generate a custom QR code image to access the site quickly.
  • Built-in Site Traffic Tracker
  • Theme Marketplace: all users may upload and share their stunning themes on the platform, or just want to sell for income.
  • Easy-to-use Built-in Media Browser: all clients may organize their own media materials in a private section with the built-in media browser.
  • Thumbnail Web Screenshot Capturer: the script uses Google resources to capture any web screenshot of theme and site, no need to setup anything with this feature.
  • Social Navbar Buttons
  • Landing Pages Builder
  • Archive / Publish Sites
  • Support Multiple Languages
  • Dashboard Statistics
  • User Registration & Management
  • System Settings Panel and Private User Settings Personally.
  • Payment History

Demo with UNLIMITED Features Front-end | Admin Access

Build Your Business Site & Online Store for FREE (100+ themes)

Pick Your Own License

Additional Information

Is it a script to build websites or mobile sites? Is it SaaS?

Yes. This script is an online SaaS (Software as a Service) program, designed to help you & your users build both unlimited websites & mobile sites. You may also charge your users (clients) by Paypal / Stripe / subscription or FREE, there are many plans for the users.

When buying this script, I'll get the source code and can install on my server?

Yes, you’ll have full source code to install this software on your server & run this business with your custom prices. And if you are not good at technical, we’re glad to support you install everything until the software runs properly.

Source code is uncrypted & I may change it?

Yes, absolutely! With Business+ license & above, you may change any thing of source code: logo, branding, images & trademarks and run the script as you created it from zero.

Can users create stores like Shopify, Wix, Weebly?

Yes! gomymobiBSB allows your end users to create unlimited stores and unlimited categories, tags & products. As administrators, you could manage these numbers via plans.

Can shop owners sell virtual items on stores?

Yes, absolutely! Stores designed to sell 3 most popular goods nowadays: physical goods, virtual items & subscriptions.

How do customers pay for goods on user stores?

Stores offer many payment gateways for buyers to pay their orders, currently buyers may process their payments via Paypal, Bank Check & Wire Bank Transfer, C.O.D &

May store owners change their shop layouts?

Yes! Store solution is developed from site platform, so your end users may upload their own store themes to platform; then share with other users or use personally.

Can users host their stores on custom domains?

Yes! Every store will be attached to one (1) site only, and users will need to assign a custom domain; then both user site & store will work with that assigned domain.

Subdomains / Custom domain does not work?

Subdomains or Custom domain requires server configs, you must follow instructions with 3 steps in documentation then they will work properly.

Difference between the licenses: UNLIMITED vs Business+?

Basically, Business+ allows you to use this script on 1 domain only.===newline=== But UNLIMITED License gives you the resell rights & functions to sell this script with your own prices & licenses. With this license, we’ll release with a tool for you to manage your sold licenses, only copies with approved licenses may work.

Will my clients are able to use their domain names after designing their sites?

Yes. After designing the sites, your clients are able to point their custom domains to created site within few seconds (need DNS updated after changed); then your client’s site works as a standalone website, but this function requires a VPS or dedicated server.===newline===Furthermore, your clients may choose an action: archive it (set as private), download site’s source code then publish manually.

Can I add new elements or widgets?

No. This script is for purpose to create websites quickly with a favorite template, your clients only need to pick their like templates & fill their content & information then finish the business websites and mobile sites, they’ll not need to think about how to arrange the elements to make the pages beautiful, it’s a mess if they don’t have a lot of time.

Can I upload new themes?

Yes! Generally, all users may submit their themes to platform to share or sell with their custom prices. And it’s super easy to convert any HTML template to a site theme. You only need to know HTML, CSS and JavaScript to start.===newline===Learn more how to create website themes at

Can I create my own templates and publish for users to use?

Yes. You may create own HTML templates for clients, it’s superb simple to convert any HTML template to site themes. Basically you’ll need to make few changes on HTML, it’s superb simple if you know CSS, HTML & JS.

Why software breaks after I edited some code lines?

In order to edit source code files, we suggest you download them then use an offline code editor (Sublime Text, Notepad++ recommended) then re-upload because the online code editor shall append some unwanted characters when you save; then the PHP files become invalid format.

What PHP framework used in source code?

No, gomymobiBSB does not use any PHP framework, it uses PHP plain code for each tiny task so the script runs very fast and system has the best performance & speed.

How is Auto-Update? Is it risk to my custom system?

Auto-Update is just a quick solution to update gomymobiBSB to latest features; it shall not update without your permission, it only shall start updating your core files after you click the update button.===newline===So if you made some changes to the core files to fit your needs, please DO NOT use this Auto-Update; instead of, every time the new versions released, you’ll need to download the packages, then update with your changes then re-upload to your host.

Can administrators edit a user site?

Yes! Now administrators have permissions to edit user sites, but we do not recommend; because the users have rights to control what they want to show on their sites, but the admins can not.

Is it easy to translate to other languages?

Yes! It’s superb simple & easy to translate to any other languages, you only need to translate all strings in 1 file; then you’ll have new languages for all platform & system.

Can users publish the sites via FTP?

Yes! Although this script mainly designed to host user’s sites as sub-domains & custom domains (the script works as SaaS), but FTP uploading is also integrated. So users may easy upload their created websites to private host with simple steps.

May I integrate local payment gateways?

Sure! You may integrate any local payment gateway you like then show them as options for your end users. Currently gomymobiBSB supports Paypal, Stripe &

How are user payments processed?

Currently all user payments on the platform will be processed automatically without your touch or management. Orders will be hold, completed & deactivated automatically once users perform proper actions on their gateways. For this solution, gomymobiBSB works flawlessly with Paypal, Stripe & currently.

How are user sites & stores if their membership expired?

Yo! Then all sites & store will be inactive until your end users pay their bills; after that all features will work again automatically without any action from you or end users.

Is there an automatic way to replace words gomymobi?

Please use an editor (such as Sublime Text or Notepad+) to find & replace all strings of “gomymobi” in all HTML, JavaScript & PHP files.

How to change & edit the pictures in slides of store theme?

Please go to each store theme directory, edit their source code as you wish. Each store theme is considered as a mini PHP script.

What is Code Editor for?

This is an advance online code integrated-editor to edit whole source code directly with administrator accounts.

What is Multi Domains?

This plugin allows your users to choose other related domains as sub domain host for their site, such as * or * or *

How to clear statistics data?

You must re-install whole platform then do not stick “Install Sample Data” in setup step 1.

My country currencies not found?

Only currencies supported by Paypal available, no other currency. And currently we do not have plan to add other currency not supported by Paypal, because there will be no gateway to assist these currencies.

Error in generating new thumbnails of website, frontpage or store?

Because you enabled SSL for your main domain or sub domain in System Settings, so Google could not fetch it, please turn off it or buy a wildcard SSL then everything will be okay.

Where is technical support system?

No, this solution will be not developed in near future. Please use an external support system then add its link in your website or store. Because they’re better & faster.

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