pTemplate: Better PHP Coding & HTML Design Separately

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Especially: pTemplate is very helpful to the PHP projects that need theme's customisations from community. Or any commercial projects that have awesome themes. Theme makers may easily design HTML layouts, and they works for sure without knowing about project's PHP backend.

  • Super Easy to install & use
  • Lightweight single  PHP  file (15kb)
  • Caches parsed static files or parts of file
  • Compress HTML, JavaScript, CSS when output
  • No PHP skills required to design HTML layout
  • Support multilingual platform very well
  • Awesome & Professional well-done Documentation
  • 20 live demos to test directly
  • Method's full explaination plus code example

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pTemplate is a PHP Class, designed & programmed by developer, for developer; to create native PHP applications, PHP website, big PHP projects better, nicer and easy to read by others in the team. pTemplate may help us the tasks of programming and design HTML separately, the coders just take the backend issue, not need to worry about the HTML layout; other designers in team focus on site HTML layout, design without any programming skills.pTemplate mainly is inspired to avoid the mixture of PHP, HTML, CSS & JavaScript in the same file. This type of file is VERY HARD to read & VER DIFFICULT to maintain & understand; it’s very hard to trace which closed parenthesis is for which opening one, where if, then, else statements we’re viewing, etc; especially if you have new members join the team, they’ll have to learn the code from beginning.


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