ENpaginator Elegant NavigatePaginator for WordPress


How many pages listed from current page number

Styling options

Color Set
Custom colors :normal state :hover state
Normal Page Numbers: Background
Normal Page Numbers: Text
Normal Page Numbers: Border
Current Page Number: Background
Current Page Number: Text
Normal Next/Prev Labels: Background
Normal Next/Prev Labels: Text
Normal Next/Prev Labels: Border
Disabled Next/Prev Labels: Background
Disabled Next/Prev Labels: Text
Disabled Next/Prev Labels: Border

Page Numbers Typography
1 2 3 4 5 ENpaginator: Elegant NavigatePaginator

Next & Previous Typography
« previous next » ENpaginator: Elegant NavigatePaginator

Animation made with CSS3, some browser verions do not understand these CSS3 properties

Implement ENpaginator

1. Only need to upload ENpaginator folder to some directory you want.

2. Then include PSZ-APP-generator.php into any file/page you want to show the elegant pagination.


3. Declare an instance of ENpaginator class, then show out the pagination with your favorite options. Read more in Codex section.

$ENpaginator = new ENpaginator();
echo $ENpaginator->ENpaginator('category.php', 7, 50);
//$ENpaginator->ENpaginator($pagination_link, $currentPage, $totalPages);

Read Documentation to control the paginations better